Don't wanna be alone

13. prosince 2009 v 19:30 | Kiike-chan |  Naruto Fanfiction
Tak, tohle prosím vznikne, když Kristýnka v depresivní náladě grabne tužku a papír xD Účel to splnilo, po napsání tohohle nebyl ani pozůstateček po nějaké depresoidní náladě xD
Kristýnka si právě přečetlaty konec a přemýšlí o pokračování xD a zároveň jí otravný hlas v hlavě říká: "Nemáš už toho na dopisování dost?!" xD

So, enjoy ;) and comment xD

Don't wanna be alone
It was about 10 PM. Naruto, sitting on the window sill, glaring at the sky full of beautiful stars, tried to understand why don't people talk to him, why do they stand away from him, why do they hate him.
Tears found their way falling down over Naruto's cheeks. He even didn't realize he was crying.
"What did I do wrong?" he said to the empty room he was in. He lived here alone. Nobody wanted him. "I just want to have some friend, someone to spend time with." He sobbed. "I don't want to be alone. I…" another sob "I don't want them to hate me. What did I do to them? What could I do? I'm still just a child so why do they looked like they're afraid of me?"
He looked up to the sky again to see a star falling down. He knew what that means. He could wish something and it's said that wish will come true.
"I don't to be alone anymore." He whispered quietly.
Then he noticed it's actually really late and he's pretty tired so he went to bed. Before letting himself be taken to the dreamland he promised to himself: I don't want to be like sad puppy anymore. I don't want to pity myself anymore. From now on I'll be shiny as the sun and definitely find friends.
The morning came and the light found its way to Naruto's room. He opened his eyes to be amazed by the brightness and closed them again. Second time trying he opened them slowly so it wasn't so abrupt.
What a nice morning, he thought when his eyes caught that splendid look the nature was offering him. He was in good mood, he had a really nice dream tonight.
He was in the kindergarten and played at sand-pit. Even though he was playing alone, just by himself, he was somehow happy. Naruto looked around. There were other kids playing in couples or in groups but what took his attention was a boy sitting on the swing.
He looked down, not showing his face, just his black hair could be seen, swinging just a little. Even when Naruto didn't see the boy's face he thought the boy was sad. He looked like that to him, he looked lonely.
Little Naruto found himself heading to the raven boy. He sat onto the next swing and greeted him.
"Hi, I'm Naruto, you?" he smiled.
The raven looked up and Naruto could see the loneliness and surprise in boy's eyes. There was a moment of silence and then the boy quietly spoke:
"Hi. I'm Uchiha Sasuke. Why did you come to talk to me?"
Naruto grinned. "I thought you're pretty sad so I want to cheer you up."
The surprise in Sasuke's face was even bigger now. This was the first time someone came to him after 'that'
"Eeh, thank you and I…I'm not sad. You don't have to worry" Blush appeared on Sasuke's face.
"That's really good then." Naruto's grin was really big now. He shined probably more than the sun.
"Wanna play with me?"
And the dream ended.
Naruto got up, went to the bathroom, washed his face, brushed his teeth, ate something for breakfast and headed out to take a walk. It was such a beautiful day it'd be a really big waste not to spend it outside. He went aimlessly and to his surprise found himself going past that playground from his dream.
His eyes fell on the boy sitting on the swing. It was exactly the same scene as he saw in his dream. The boy looked down on the ground. And seemed lonely. He's beautiful. Naruto thought. I don't want him to be sad, I bet he smiling looks way much better. We can throw aside our loneliness and be friends, spend time together. It would be great. I hope it'll be…
"Hi, I'm Naruto and you?"


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1 Clarisa Clarisa | Web | 16. prosince 2009 v 12:17 | Reagovat

toš můj názor na to znáš..×D
Připadalo mi to poněkud sudden a néé úplně dokonale promyšlené...×D
Ale na chvilkovou inspiraci si ymslim že je to......hustééé ×D

2 Kiike-chan Kiike-chan | 16. prosince 2009 v 12:20 | Reagovat

no tož ono v mém stavu, kdy jsem to psala bylo nějaké promýšlení odsunuto daleko předaleko do nejzažší části koutu xD

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